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Help is currently being implemented. In the meantime, please direct all questions to:

Christy Buckholdt
Form Mail
Phone: (407)359-0120 8am - 8pm EST


If you do not have a digital camera, pictures can be taken on a 35mm camera. The film can be taken to a local store where the pictures can be digitized and put on a photo CD:

If you have a digital camera but do not know how to get your digital pictures on to your computer, read this article.

If you are having problems uploading your photos to or it is taking too long, you may want to optimize your photos first.

If you would like your photos to be uploaded to for you, send your digital photos on a CD to

Christy Buckholdt
3231 Lordmall Ct
Oviedo, FL 32765

Please include your name, email address that you registered with at, and your listing number. Once your photos have been uploaded, you can go to the Sellers > My Property screen and edit the photos by adding the category and description to each photo.

* CDs will NOT be returned.